Through mindfulness a better cooperation at your workplace!

2-hour workshop "Mindfulness at workplace"?

After this workshop you know:

  • How you can eliminate conflicts in professional life.
  • You provide "Mindfulness Trainings" for you to be able to handle stressful situations better
  • and you are learning all about "Mindful Communication".

What is the meaning of Mindfulness?

To face life in the present moment open minded, not judging, curious, friendly and caring, this is mindfulness.

It allows you to perceive things from another point of view, you achieve a new perspective and through that you have the possibility, to experience holistically.

Live Mindfulness!

Mindfulness Trainings can help us effectively to develop inner balance and satisfaction.

There are reports about people who practice mindfulness and meditation to become happier.

What advantages do you and your employees have through mindfulness?

Mindfulness changes the structure of the brain, causing an increase in attention and creativity.
It promotes solution-oriented thought processes and teamwork.

At the same time, it reduces pondering, negative thoughts and feeling.

What does research say about mindfulness?

Mindfulness leads to:

  • Less sick days (z. B. Zolniercyk-Zreda, et. al., 2016)
  • Less auxiety (z. B. Hofmann et. al., 2010)
  • Less stress (z. B. (Chiesa&Serettie, 2009)
  • Better communication (z. B. Amutio-Kareaga et. al., 2017)
  • More creativity (z. B, Ostafin et. al., 2011)
  • More helpfulness (z.B. Condon et. al., 2013)
  • Increase cognitive performance  (z.B. Gard et. al., 2014)

My name is Kornelia Müller. For many years I accompany people on their way to allow themselves to let go of their limitations.

I help them to understand the interrelations of their life and show them new perspectives to make their next movements.

Thereby they take their life powerfully into their own hands and regain control. They grow in their self-esteem and enjoy life self-assured and joyful.

They feel their true source of power in their hearts and trust their intuition.