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What customers say about Kornelia

"I've already done a lot of constellations with well-known Munich therapists and therapists, and this time I chose a topic that I was already intensively familiar with
and with whom I entrusted myself to Kornelia. Our preliminary conversation gave me more clarity about my actual concerns. I was well prepared after our conversation
and was intrigued by the dynamism and competent guidance of Kornelia. I experienced her sensible, intuitive, creative and with her experience she gave me a sense of security in these
Processes are extremely important. I was amazed and relieved about the result. This lineup has definitely brought me further in my subject and I like to recommend Kornelia.

Anja Martina Bürk-Deharde, Tanzpädagogin, Amazonen-Coach

... even after 2 weeks of the systemic setup of Kornelia Müller, I still carry a feeling of relief in me. It has bursted one of many nodes, over which you can only get over the subconscious mind and need competent help. I was fortunate to have found such help in the form of Mrs. Müller, who approached me with a very sensitive and loving approach to a topic that has accompanied me since childhood, and now found his peace - the little child in me and I am now more in harmony and approaching. For that I would like to thank Ms. Müller very warmly and at this point also my friend dr. Tom, who made it possible for me.
Thank you very much and good luck


Who is Kornelia?

Kornelia Müller is a naturopath for psychotherapy, trauma therapist, coach for personality development and meditation trainer, specializing in team building, conflict resolution, business development and mindfulness.She has been researching consciousness and human psychology since early childhood.

For these reasons, she has flown to India regularly for more than 10 years to be initiated into the wisdom of spirituality and universal laws, and has accompanied groups to many seminars there.

In companies, she conducts workshops and individual coaching as part of personnel development in the following areas:
Mindful communication - team resilience - conflict resolution through.

Getting everything out of yourself that is possible, starting a new adventure every day, that means life for you.That is their philosophy!She is the editor of the eBook "The 8 steps of consciousness of inner growth" and the guideline"The 8 deliveries to live your uniqueness and magnificence!"

Kornelia & JTFoxx

Which challange do you have right now?

  • Finding "Your Calling" your Strengh and Qualities
  • Achieve Self-Confidence "Best Version of Your Life"
  • relationship conflicts
  • Promoting clear communication
  • Strengthening your strength and your courage
  • Dissolving self-doubt
  • Healthy setting and use of your own space
  • Achieving your goals
  • Clarification of pregnancy and birth traumas
  • Turn gravity into lightness and joy

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